most days its the simple meals that are the most satisfying.

hot rice topped with...
natto + tomatoes + herring + cilantro + sweet onions + avocado + chiso + crushed pepper + and vegetarian "caviar"

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5 thoughts on “lunchtime.

  1. wow, yum! did you make that? recipe?

    • yeah. but it was just whatever i had in the fridge. it turned out really good over some nori sheets sushi handroll style. it looks so interesting once you mix it all together, its so colorful youd swear it was dessert.

  2. Yay! Someone that likes natto too! 🙂

  3. That. Looks. Amazing. I love avocados!!! 🙂

    btw, thanks for following me on wordpress (!

    Now I’ve transferred to an exciting new website:
    If you’d like to see some tasty fondue photos, please check it out & follow me there! 🙂 thanks!

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