mochiko fried chicken

tips for mochiko chicken
-use small pieces of boneless chicken, thigh tastes best
-marinate chicken in rice flower, corn starch, lots of egg before frying at least an hour
-all good mochiko chicken isnt just starch water egg, add garlic, salt, pepper, green onions, or a little cayenne, etc. for a better batter flavor
-if you arent using a deep fryer, and dont want to use a lot of oil
-for some reason olive oil doesnt work as well as vegetable oil, but you can use it if you are just lightly pan frying
-pan fry till the outside is a golden brown, the chicken will still be raw in the center, but thats okay
-place chicken pieces on a greased sheet and cover with foil, bake at 325F-350F degrees for at least 20 minutes or more.
-this is typically a “plate lunch” dish in Hawaii, i always get it with hamburger steak. so i like to eat it with a side of beef gravy. however, mushroom gravy or any other meatless option is also awesome !

for the easiest pickled onions !
-thinly sliced sweet or yellow or any kind of onion will do
-you can warm the vinegar with the salt and sugar in a pan before you bottle it, but you dont have to.
-water and white vinegar, rice wine vinegar is great too, but gets expensive
use a vinegar to water ratio of 1:1
-crushed red pepper, or fresh chiles whichever you have
-a dash of salt, sugar is optional
-bottle and marinade for a few days, the longer it marinades, the less bite the onions will have.


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