My perfect date with Lonesome Pizza

♥ this is my date with Lonesome’s…and i think im in love. ♥

My first time having pizza from Lonesome PDX. Choosing the pizza place was not at all intentional or meant to be ironic, they just have really great ratings. The delivery guy was on time, the salad was fresh and the pizza was hot. the pizza box was decorated and came with a deer tick cd. dont ever settle for pizza hut, cracker cracker jacks or happy meal toys ever again.

check out their menu…

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2 thoughts on “My perfect date with Lonesome Pizza

  1. jumpingpolarbear on said:

    Strawberries on pizza? I will have to try it out 🙂

    • it was really amazing. ^_^ if youre gonna bake your own pizza though, put the strawberries and citrus fruit on after you bake it, otherwise it might cook in and absorb the tomato flavor. it could be good that way, but fresh raw strawberries compliment the hearty tomato and cheese flavors better i think.

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