i blame the moon.

i blame the moon. and just like that.

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8 thoughts on “i blame the moon.

  1. Elissa Cain on said:

    i love love love the lampshade. i was just looking at one yesterday on teh internets.

    • thank you ! i saw a bunch of really great lamps at an import store a few months back, they were so well constructed, and had great slides, but they were too expensive for me (broke college student). so i bought a bunch of vintage slides at a reuse shop called SCRAP pdx in portland (slides were themed, the periodic table of elements, machu pichu, art history, and my badminton camping trip/) and put one together myself using a mini hole punch, needle nose pliers, and some jewelry fasteners. costs me about 5.00 plus an ikea lamp, as opposed to 100 + dollars 🙂

      • Elissa Cain on said:

        no effin way! i believe that i have the next idea for my DIY posts…thank you! the one i was looking at yesterday was around $300.

      • DAMN! thats even more out of my budget. if you dont have time to custom make one, i see some on etsy via google shopping that are reasonable 55 to 90 dollars. but the thing i also like about my version, is that its removable, so i can have white lighting, or movie lighting and i can use it for multiple lamps. planning on making another one soon. definetely post about your progress, and finished project !

      • Elissa Cain on said:

        how many slides did you need for the project?

      • hmm, i dont know the exact number but i made a large rectangular sheet, i wanna say 6 slides by 12 slides. it might be less, to go around a tall rectangular shaped lamp, it has to be an even amount width wise to go around all four sides

      • Elissa Cain on said:

        thanks for the input. i’m a sucker for convenience but i really think i want to make it myself. it makes me feel accomplished and like a special little snowflake…a maker in a world of buyers, if you will.

  2. if you go on ebay, (i prefer to search initially through google shopping), there are lots of people that sell bulk developed slides at a decent price, i think the avereage price is 100 for 1000 slides or something. most of them come in big sets, but there are so many things you could do with them.

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